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Melbourne Community Primary School

Melbourne Community Primary School

SEND (Special Educational Needs & Disability)


Melbourne Community Primary School

SEND Information Report

As a mainstream primary school, Melbourne Community Primary School strives to provide the best learning opportunities for all children. Our core values promote an inclusive school community which meets the needs for all children including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). We pride ourselves on recognising that every child matters and has the right to achieve to the best of their ability.

All pupils at Melbourne receive quality teaching. This means that a range of teaching styles and approaches are used and that appropriate Learning Objectives are set for all children, with a curriculum matched to their needs. Children have access to different types of support in lessons, and often work in small groups or one to one with a Teacher or Teaching Assistant.

As a whole school team we ensure that we meet the learning needs of each of our pupils individually. This annual report outlines the types of support available for your child if extra support is needed, and who can provide it. We currently have pupils with high SEND including Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Our provision for these highlights our commitment to meeting all pupils’ needs within a mainstream school. We are constantly re-evaluating our success with SEND.

Recently, through our work with external agencies, we accurately identified provision that needed to be in place to meet a pupil’s educational, social, emotional and behavioural needs. This resulted in a successful and smooth transition over to a specialist school.

Children’s difficulties may fall into one (or more) of four broad areas of SEN:


Speech, Language and Communication needs

* Expressing themselves

* Understanding others

* Effective interactions and relaying of information


Learning needs

* Some or all of the work in school

* Making progress in reading, writing or maths

* Understanding information

* Specific learning difficulties such as Dyslexia


Social, Emotional, Mental Health Needs

* Managing their behaviour

* Making friends or relating to adults

* Concentration and attention


Physical, Medical and Sensory needs

* Physical disability

* Visual, hearing or multi-sensory impairment


You can find the full SEND Information Report attachment at the bottom of the page. This document contains answers to the following questions:


How is SEND identified and assessed?

How does Melbourne C. P. School evaluate the effectiveness of its SEND provision?

How does Melbourne C. P. School access and review progress?

How is the curriculum adapted to suit the needs of SEND pupils?

What support is available for improving the emotional and social development of SEND pupils?

Will SEND impact educational visits and other activities?

What expertise and training is there within Melbourne C. P. School to support pupils with SEND?

What specialist equipment is available?

How does Melbourne C. P. School consult with Parents/carers?

What if I am unhappy with SEND provision?

What happens when my child moves to secondary school or other school?

What external support is available to further support my child?


The Local Offer

Local authorities have a statutory duty to develop and publish a Local Offer, setting out in one place information about the support they expect to be available in their area across education, health and social care for children and young people in their area who have SEN or are disabled, including those who do not have EHC plans.

Please click on the link to view information regarding the Local Offer from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council 



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