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Melbourne Primary School

Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School

Maths Curriculum

The Maths Lead is Molly Howe

Mastering skills and knowledge, to solve real life problems


We believe that it is vital for all our pupils to to make sense of the patterned and numeric world around them .  We aim to provide  pupils a secure understanding of number, place value, the 4 operations, fractions, geometry, measure and statistics, to enable them to solve real life problems.  We encourage our pupils to ask questions, make relationships between number and approach problem solving in creative ways.  Maths is taught throughout the school daily and children are actively encouraged to use and demonstrate their maths skills cross the wider curriculum.


At Melbourne Primary school, children complete maths lessons, which follow the Collins Busy Ants Maths scheme.  This scheme aims to develop mastery in maths, whilst ensuring complete coverage of the Primary National Curriculum for mathematics.

The scheme provides a detailed, structured curriculum that is mapped out in small carefully sequenced steps, ensuring continuity and progression.  It ensures that fundamental skills and knowledge are secured and mastered before pupils can move to the next stage.

Lessons are carefully crafted in order to foster deep conceptual and procedural knowledge. Whole class discussions and precise questioning during lessons ensures that pupils develop fluent technical proficiency and think deeply about the underpinning mathematical concepts. A variety of concrete and pictorial representations are used to introduce and explore a concept effectively. 

Practice and consolidation play a central role of maths lessons. Carefully constructed exercises and problems enable all pupils to develop conceptual understanding alongside procedural fluency. Teachers use specific questioning to test conceptual and procedural knowledge and assess pupils regularly to identify those requiring intervention. This allows pupils’ difficulties and misconceptions to be identified and addressed through immediate formative assessment and rapid intervention - commonly through individual or small group support.

We endeavour to teach lessons that are stimulating and interesting in addition to keeping a keen eye on the fact that many mental skills need hard work and regular practice. We have implemented a school wide program called "4 Ops and key facts " where children practise their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills  as well as recalling  key mathematical terms and facts.  In addition to this we complete  "Number Bond" and "Times Table Challenges".  Children practise these over the week and then have a test on Friday to see if they can complete the challenge and move on to the next level.   

To support learning we use a variety of IT resources, and over in the "Learning Resources" section there are links to websites that can be used at home with your children, with fun interactive challenges and games. 

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