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Melbourne Primary School

Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School

Maths Curriculum

The mathematics lessons and curriculum we provide help and guide our pupils to make sense of the patterned and numeric world around them and equip them with the skills needed to solve problems.

The skills and concepts are broadly under the headings of Number , Place Value, Calculating, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry and Problem Solving.

Detailed below is the Maths National Curriculum and guidance notes that we follow within our maths sessions:


Maths Curriculum

We continually search for new ways to accelerate the progress children make in maths in our school and we currently use the "Collins Busy Ant Maths" schemes of learning. This has been proved to be highly effective in improving children's understanding of maths concepts and encourages them to deepen their thinking and "mastery" of what they are studying. 

We endeavour to teach lessons that are stimulating and interesting in addition to keeping a keen eye on the fact that many mental skills need hard work and regular practice. We have implemented a school wide program called "4 Ops " where children practise their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills in a timed session, and we have also introduced the "Number Bonds" and "Times Table Challenges" where children practise their times tables over the week and then have a test on Friday to see if they can complete the sheet and move on to the next level.  It has been wonderful to see the confidence that has been gained when our pupils have mastered their number bonds or times tables. 

To support learning we use a variety of IT resources, and over in the "Learning Resources" section there are links to websites that can be used at home with your children, with fun interactive challenges and games. 

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