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Homework is considered to be a valuable element of the learning process. 

At Melbourne Primary School, we use Reading Records or Planners (Year 6) to encourage parents to work with their children at home. The homework provides the children with an opportunity to reflect on their learning and to develop their independent thinking skills. Children are expected to take pride in their work and keep their books neat, but they can be as creative as they like and are encouraged to ‘Magpie’ ideas from books they have read to use in their own work. Additional, more formal activities may be set by the teacher depending on the needs/age of the children.

We believe that homework should be set:

  • to involve parents in their children’s learning;
  • to help parents keep abreast of what their child can and cannot do;
  • to take advantage of the home context to apply learning;
  • to encourage children to talk about their work to their parents and explain what they are doing and how;
  • to extend the time for learning, thus enabling children to practise and consolidate their skills and knowledge and strategies;
  • to prepare children for secondary school experiences of homework;
  • to view learning as a life-long process and not just restricted to school hours.


The School’s agreed practice for homework is that:

  • homework is set on a regular basis, for all years, in line with our homework policy;
  • homework will generally follow on from work which has taken place in class but may take many different forms, including reading, learning multiplication facts and spellings. It should not entail new ideas that require explanation from a teacher;
  • homework may sometimes consist of preparation for work yet to be done;
  • children should understand exactly what they are expected to do, how to do it, and how long it should take;
  • homework should sometimes involve the participation of the parents;
  • children who have made insufficient effort during class time may occasionally be asked to complete work at home.


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