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History around the school



To help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world, to inspire curiosity, ask perceptive questions and to think critically. To encourage students to become life-long learners who can interpret and question the information presented to them.

Children leave our school with excellent knowledge of a range of historical time periods and a deeper understanding of the values of people around the world and in their own village. 

Just as importantly, they leave our school with a love of history and a desire to continue their education, able to take on their next steps ready for the KS3 curriculum.


History at Melbourne school aims to provide pupils with a thorough understanding of the past of both Britain and the wider world. We aim to ensure that children are able to think critically when examining evidence and can develop their own opinions, which they can then support with their historical knowledge and evidence.  Moreover, we encourage our students to be life-long learners who can question and interpret the information that is presented to them. They should have a firm grasp of the research processes and are able to use the correct historical terminology.

Progression of skills

Below you will find a document that maps the knowledge and the skills that the children will learn across Key Stage 1 and Key stage 2. You will notice that there is a balance of learning about subject knowledge and practical skills.  Please click the image below to be directed to this document.

History Policy

Below you will find the policy for History at Melbourne Primary School. The document includes information regarding our aims and approach to the teaching of History. Please click the image below to be directed to this document.


Entire History Curriculum Timeline Display




Henry VII reliability of sources display

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