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Melbourne Primary School

Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School

Early Years Curriculum

The EarlyYear Foundation Stage is a creative curriculum which allows young children to learn new skills and experiences through hands on, exploration play.

Within  the Early Years Curriculum there are 7 areas of learning. These areas are then subdivided into 17 aspects of learning.

These can be found at

During every child’s first year in school, they will access a wide range of exciting activities, all of which are linked to each of the statements (see above).

Teaching is planned based on children’s interests. As professionals, we understand that children are more highly motivated when they are engaged in a topic which is of particular interest to them. Throughout the year, The Early Years  staff will collate written, photographic and video evidence of each child based on the above statements. This evidence is then complied and used to paint a picture of each individual child’s achievement across all the areas of the curriculum. Eventually it will form their end of year report. We also plan adult initiated cultural topics to raise awareness of different cultures and traditions. See Long Term Plan below.


Numeracy is practical and session provide hands on, physical learning. Each mathematical skill is taught and then revisited throughout the year to ensure the learning is embedded.


Please click on the following links to find information about the EYFS Curriculum and lots of helpful information for parents, including 'what to expect when'. This is a very practical and helpful guide.

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