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Melbourne Primary School

Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School


Year 3


Miss H Hopkin - Teacher

Mrs K Cooper - Teaching Assistant

Mr I Richardson - HLTA - Computing, RE

Miss L Welch  - PE






Ready, Steady, Cook!

Summer Term

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We will be studying ‘The Twits’ and enter a whole world of fun crazy characters, designing our own persuasive adverts and leaflets! We will be considering Fair-trade products and what life is like  for the people who produce chocolate. 


As scientists will we learn about the human body. We will learn what makes us human, how we move, protect our organs, digest food and breathe. We will begin to understand the importance of diet and exercise, and our responsibility to keep ourselves healthy.  We will begin to understand how drugs can help and harm us. We will learn about the different food groups and how they keep us healthy.  We will use our knowledge to design and make a healthy meal.   

human body | Organs, Systems, Structure, Diagram, & Facts | Britannica 


As geographers we will learn about the importance of food in other European countries. We will locate countries. We will consider longitude and latitude, the Equator, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, the Tropics of Cancer and the Arctic and Antarctic Circle. We will consider physical and human geography based on climate.

Cocoa fuel combats climate change | News | Eco-Business | Asia Pacific


As artists, we will develop our skills to create still life drawings of fruit, adding tone and layering to make them more realistic

Oil Painting Still Life Fruit Bowl Canvas: Handmade 


We will design our knowledge to design and make healthy food. We will understand the importance of Health and Safety when storing and preparing food.

World Food Day 2019: encouraging healthy diets for a #zerohunger world - On  Medicine 


We will use a range of software to collect and present information; write programmes to accomplish goals and to sequence. We are opinion pollsters!


We will learn about the importance of exercise and diet on our performance during Athletics. We will set ourselves targets and improve our performance.

Winners of the decade: World's top athletes and sports teams | Athletics  News | Al Jazeera


We will learn about our health and well-being and how important it is to keep safe. We will learn about our rights and responsibilities.


Dragonfly PE Days are Thursday and Friday. Please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit on each of these days.




Reading homework is ongoing on a daily basis.  The homework tasks are taken home in the children's reading record and are to be completed in there. Dojos are awarded for the completion of homework. 


Spelling words are sent home on a Friday and these words are tested the following Friday.  The emphasis will be foremost on the spelling rule rather than the word itself so please do not worry if you believe a particular word to be too easy for your child.  If your child masters the spelling rule, this helps immensely with reading.

Times tables

Your child will bring home a times table sheet (every Friday).  The children will be tested on these the following Friday and once they achieve 50 correct answers, they will then progress on to the next sheet (getting progressively more tricky!). This is a timed challenge - 3 minutes and for many it will take time to be able to master this.  We urge you to practice with your child at home so that they can make progress.  The children also have a Times Table Rock stars account to use daily at home for practice. 

Class essentials

I do encourage all the children to bring in a bottle of water for drinking during lessons. They can fill this in the classroom and they are stored next to our sink.

Please ensure that your children have separate indoor and outdoor shoes.

I urge for all items of clothing to be labelled including PE kits. 

Important Dates

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Getting in touch

If you need to speak to us at any point, please ring the office or contact Miss Hopkin directly. 

Please visit the Contact Us page for the school's contact information.


Class web links

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We use a reward system in school called Class Dojo these are online creatures that your child can personalize, and if your child follows school rules and routines and strives to do their best, they will receive Dojos through the week. Again you will receive an invite and you can log on to ‘Class Dojo’, where you can see one of the ways we give positive feedback. 

We are also on Twitter, so watch out for our tweets! You can find us at @mps_dragonfly We use twitter and the school website if we need to remind you of events such as home clothes days or if it is bad weather and the school has to shut. It’s worth logging on


Learning resources

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