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Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School

KS1 and KS2 Nativity links

We present our KS1 and KS2 Nativity stories. The children and staff have done amazing work creating these videos so that we can all enjoy the traditional Christmas school play this year.

We have shared the videos on our secure MyLearning site to give password protection and ensure that only members of our school community can view. To respect the privacy of all children involved please do not attempt to use third party software to record, download or share the videos in any other way.

You can access the relevant video by clicking on the correct link and then using your child's MyLearning username and password (found on the front of their reading record) to log in.

Enjoy and have a very Merry Christmas!



KS1 - Cygnets & Swans, Mallards and Otters


KS2 - Dragonfly, Heron and Kingfisher


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