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Melbourne Primary School Melbourne Primary School

Admission arrangements for the school year starting in September 2022

As an academy in the Wolds Learning Partnership, our school must have some admission arrangements detailing how applications will be considered for the school.  As both our school and Stamford Bridge Primary School are primary schools in the same academy trust, we share an admissions policy with common definitions and processes, but with two separate catchment areas and two different admission numbers to reflect the different sizes of our schools.  Our joint admission policy is very similar to those of other non-academy schools nearby that are maintained by the local authority, and is very similar to the policy that applied to our school before we became an academy.

For the start of the school year in September 2022, the governing body here at Melbourne have decided to maintain our current admission number of 24 as this works for us as a school.  The governing body of Stamford Bridge Primary School would prefer to lower their admission number from 50 to 45 to better reflect the size of their school, and as this is a change, they need to consult on an updated admission number within the same admissions policy.  This consultation will run until Friday 29th January, and details are available at

As we are not proposing to make a change to our admission arrangements, we as a school are not taking part in a consultation this year, but as the policy names our school, you can view the policy here.  We expect the policy to be approved by the Trustees of the academy trust, as it is each year, this coming February.

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